Different Types Of Hydroponic Systems

Growing the plants without using soil and just by water solution that is rich in nutrients is the hydroponic technology. The work of the hydroponic system could seem to be complicated at the beginning but it is quite simple to work with. If you also want to have an indoor garden in Sheffield, then you can check out the online tutorials. Mentioned below are some types of hydroponics in Sheffield which you may consider before opting for them:

Wick system – It could be said as the easiest and simplest type of hydroponic system that could be used by anyone. These systems do not need electricity as these are directly kept within an absorbent substance that is positioned around by the nylon wicks before they get to the nutrient solution. These systems do not provide a lot of nutrition to the plants hence are suitable for herbs as well as small house plants.

NFT hydroponics system – These systems are the most suitable for plants that have small roots as the channels that are used in the systems are relatively small. These are used as the home growers as well as the commercial growers because of their large scale. It depends on the scale of the application that how it will work but it has a simple design.

Ebb and flow systems – This is one of the most popular hydroponic systems amongst the home growers. These plants are placed in large grow beds or substances that are filled with growing medium. The power of the water pump in these systems is controlled by a timer.