Guide On Cavity Wall Extraction

The cavity wall extraction means the removal of the cavity wall insulation by specialized tools and techniques. It needs professional help as they ensure the perfect completion of the extraction process. You should remove cavity wall insulation if it becomes inefficient or is poorly installed. If your insulation becomes wet, it will lead to damp penetration and condensation. This causes some major damages to your property such as it might destroy the plaster or cause structural damage by rot or insect attack.” told a representative from

Reasons for cavity wall extraction

Every property is not appropriate for the installation of the cavity wall insulation and removal is important for many reasons. If your property has exposed areas that allow rainwater to enter into the cavity, it will result in reducing its insulation efficiency and thus extraction is necessary. The defective materials like urea-formaldehyde break down easily and release toxic gases that are very harmful to your health. If the cavity has any void then it can cause cold spots. The cold spot leads to condensation that causes structural damages to your property. Sometimes, it causes corrosion that damages wall tiles.

Process of cavity wall insulation extraction

The redundant cavity wall is extracted by the specialized tools and best vacuum machines with drilling pattern. The removal starts from the base of the property. The process takes almost 3 to 4 days for completion. In the end, the professional uses borescope to ensure the complete removal of the cavity wall insulation. There are many materials that can be taken out from the cavity wall such as loose or bounded polystyrene, urea-formaldehyde, white wool glass, or rockwool mineral fibers.