Get All The Expenses For Securing The Child Future

When the couples take divorce, one partner gets the custody of the child. However, it is both the partners who need to contribute for child support. In Santa Clara, if the couples are getting divorced then they have to give equal expenses for securing the future of the child. You can also hire an attorney in Santa Clara for child support who can help you in explaining all the expenses coverage for securing the future of the child.

What are the different child support expenses?

Basic need – the basic needs comprise of food, clothing and shelter. It is essential that the child gets the essential nutrients for healthy growth. Other essentials include proper clothing like jackets for winters, proper bedding etc. It also includes the shelter cost and electricity bill for ensuring the comfort of the child.

Medical care – in some states, it is important for the divorced couples to start a health insurance for their child. They have to equally pay the installment of the health insurance. It is also important for those children who are fighting with any life threatening disease and their parents get divorced.

Education fees – it is one of the common expenses which is paid by both parents after the divorce. There are many expenses that need to be fulfilled for the study of the child. It includes school fees, school uniform, text book, lunch money, private tutor etc.  These common things are necessary for a secure education plan.


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