Common Drone Applications

In UK nowadays, drones are as common as mobile phones. These compact remote controlled flying machines have continuously been growing in popularity since its advancement in commercial usage. No longer used for simply monitoring, surveying and even attacking targets, drones have gone beyond military application. Drones today can easily be procured for mass consumption and enjoyment.

Listed are the top two current uses for drones in UK.

Photography and Videography

Undoubtedly the most common use of drones involves the art world. Before drone technology was introduced, aerial photography in UK had to be taken with very expensive equipment like cranes, helicopters and airplanes. Thanks to commercially available drones, this is no longer a costly endeavour. Many photographers and videographers achieve stunning shots with the aid of drones.

Delivery or Shipping Mode

Although not yet common practice, there are some establishments that use drones in UK to deliver goods. In America, many large companies have started using these flying mechanisms as an efficient means to get goods and products delivered from one place to another. The trend with big name shipping companies is slowly catching on with smaller entities who are slowly finding the benefits of delivering through this system.

Not only have drones managed to reduce overhead costs, a decline of driving conditions that could prove to be dangerous, there is also a noticeable decrease in delivery time. Even with these benefits, many businesses have yet to jump on the drone delivery bandwagon. Admittedly,there are still some kinks to work on to ensure 100% flawless shipping service but for now, the limited features are being enjoyed by both consumers and sellers.